Information and Guidelines to follow when attending
Worship Services this Sunday

  • First of all, PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. We certainly want people to stay as healthy as possible. A large part to us reopening is in people taking personal responsibility.

  • All attenders of our church services and small gatherings at the church, will be required to wear a mask to attend. This will be enforced at the entrance door first, but will also be enforced throughout the facilities if the rule is not being observed. Masks must always be worn while at CFF, from the time you leave your personal vehicle to the time you return to your vehicle. Masks should be of the cloth variety and cover your mouth and nose completely. Of course, if someone is unable to wear a mask due to a legitimate medical condition, they are excluded from the mandate. Children 10 and under do not need to wear a mask either. Exceptions are also extended to those who are officiating over church services and public speaking which would include our pastor, elders, and worship team while they are leading in our services.Here is more info on the state mask rule: Colorado State Mask Rules.

  • Please bring your own mask, but if you forget, a fresh mask will be offered at the door, at no cost to you.

  • We know that many of you have personal, philosophical, and/or political beliefs that are contrary to this rule, However, we do not feel like this mandate is contrary to God's Word, so we believe it is the right thing to submit to the government's authority in this instance. We would encourage you to watch: 1 Peter Study #12 with Pastor Mark on I Peter 2:13-17, "Submission to Authority", (/bible-study  ) , as this clarifies our responsibility as Christians.

  • We would also encourage you to not hassle anyone at CFF for enforcing the rule, as they are doing what they have been instructed to do and did not issue the order.

  • First come, first serve -limited seating will start in the Sanctuary, then carry to the Fellowship Hall, then to the Gym.

  • Entry to the church will only be through the south, main entry double doors. Entry line will start there and continue down and around the sidewalk with six-foot markers on the sidewalk. This is the starting place to get into any of the facilities and you must start there so that a greeter can escort you to your seat. This will help us to maintain physical distancing between families and ensure that we do not go over our capacity limit.

  • Arrive early-seating begins at 8:30. The service may start later than planned, if we are still looking to seat people in line or have any minor technical issues.

  • We will not use attendance cards. If you have prayer requests, please email the prayer chain, as you have been doing.

  • You may want to bring your own Bible as only a limited amount will be available.

  • Children should stay with their parents at all times. Quiet folders will be available, if desired.

  • Offering boxes, pens and offering envelopes will be available in each location for you to drop off youroffering as you leave.